Kitchen Series – Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen furniture creates a perfect ambience for creativity in setup arrangements. The most essential facet while installing kitchen furniture is accessibility and high comfort factor. Modular furniture are ready fixed based on user convenience. They offer easy portability and are available in vinyl shadings or wooden finishes.

Kitchen furniture offer a wide assortment of colors from fruit bowl motiffs to shady tones and textures. They simplify your life and enhance the appearance of your kitchen setup. They are basically divided into four main types, namely free standing, factory built, fully fitted and self assembled.

Fully fitted kitchen furniture make maximum use of available space. They are first assembled at the site and then fitted into the kitchen.

Description and Features

Freestanding furniture contain individual pieces, each made for explicit errands. The best thing about them is that they can be shifted anywhere. They are assembled and glued with dowel and cam fittings. They have plenty of available options and offer a lot of flexibility to the buyer. Self-assembled or flat packed furniture are developed and designed to reduce costs and add momentum to the supply chain.

Kitchen furniture allows you to select and design your own setup. They are highly durable and easy to maintain.

Important Tips

Every furniture selected should have a purpose. Prepare a handy list and measure the kitchen area from wall to wall. Note the locations where you wish to place the furniture pieces. For bay windows, use oval or round tables. Keep a digital camera and note pad handy while visiting furniture stores. Speak to the sales representative on delivery terms and return policy. Check the availability of furniture which you like.

An ideal furniture is visually appealing, long lasting and a sound reflection of your personality. Well manufactured furniture are a perfect setup to enjoy a great dining experience.

When You Think of Kitchen Furniture You Possibly Think Table and Chairs, But There’s So Much More

We need our kitchens. They are an essential part of our lives. We feed our families in them, work in them, the kids do homework in them and they are laundry rooms and offices. Kitchens are often the centre of the house and they are where we flock to at family gatherings and parties. When you consider the things we do in our kitchens it’s no wonder that kitchen furniture is crucial in our lives. The right kitchen furniture will enhance the room and also give you the functionality you need. There is no question that kitchen furniture has to be functional but that function shouldn’t dominate it.

Functionality is a good word but it makes things sound boring and only suitable for certain things. However, good kitchen furniture cannot only be functional it can be beautiful, well crafted, durable and be something that you will treasure. Think of a battered old pine kitchen table, the things it has been used for down the years, sitting children down for their meals, sharing dinner and wine with friends and family. Tables even get used as office space and you may sit and sort out your bills and household spending at your table.

It isn’t just tables that are useful in kitchens. You can get butchers blocks, wine racks, dressers, sideboards and even free standing cupboards. Fitted kitchens may be very popular but some people are turning towards all non-fitted items as it gives a kitchen a more eclectic and fresh look. You can go very modern and contemporary with your kitchen furniture. You can even mix in some Venetian style mirror cupboards to give a wow factor to a dull corner. Our kitchens have to be all things to all of the family and not just where we cook and eat.

You may not sit at a table and dine every day, but I’d like to bet any quality time spent with family would be at the table. We all have extremely busy lives, school runs, work, after school clubs and activities and also hobbies all cut into the time we can spend together as a family. Spending time going over what has happened in the family during the week can be a special time, and where better to do that than sat in a cosy kitchen at the table with the kids catching up.

Kitchen cupboards that take a sink unit or a cooker and hob can be bought as freestanding units. Likewise all of your storage needs can be bought as freestanding units. If you didn’t want to go for the all out non-fitted look then you can just add one or two pieces maybe to match with a table and chairs, a spice rack or plate rack can free up cupboard space and allow you to have things on display rather than hidden away. Mix and match your kitchen furniture with your fitted cupboards for a great look that gives you extra storage.

Kitchen Furniture Buying Guidelines

Whether you have a big kitchen or a small one, or a wide kitchen or a narrow one, you need to select your kitchen furniture and plan its layout carefully to ensure that you get a sleek look and ample workable space. In addition to that, you should consider the cost of installation of the furniture you choose as well as the cost of maintaining and repairing it. Furthermore, you should look for furniture that offers ample storage ideas as well.

Important questions to ask before buying kitchen furniture:
Before selecting the furniture for your kitchen, you need to consider a few important questions and make your purchasing decision based on the answers to these questions. The first and most important question that you need to ask yourself is about the décor theme of your kitchen. Thus, you should assess whether you have a modern kitchen or a traditional one and look at the color scheme of your cabinets and other fittings to ensure that the new furniture that you buy fits in the décor theme.

Size matters:
Next, you should consider the size of your kitchen and look for furniture pieces whose dimensions are proportionate to your kitchen size. Thus, if you have a large kitchen, you should look for large kitchen tables, chairs, and dressers. On the other hand, if you have limited space in your kitchen, you should look for smaller pieces of furniture that fit in well and do not take over the space. Apart from the size of the furniture, you should look at the storage options provided by different pieces and select the one that is best suited to your needs.

Another important question to consider at the time of buying kitchen furniture is whether you want a fully assembled set or not. This decision will also affect the cost of the furniture and you should make sure that the piece you select is well within your budget and meets all your requirements. The cost of the furniture also depends on the material used to make it. Thus, a wooden kitchen countertop will be more expensive than the one made of steel. However, while the former is aptly suited for country style homes, it is a little high-maintenance compared to the latter.

Sense and sensibility:
Whether you opt for sleek contemporary furniture for your kitchen or ornate wooden furniture for your country style kitchen, you should try to achieve a balance of style and space while planning the layout of the furniture. You can always take inspiration for the same from the pages of glossy interior magazines or browse the net for some innovative ideas. However, simply buying and placing your kitchen furniture is not enough and you need to take good care of the same to ensure that it looks good and lasts for a long time.

Advantages of Fitted Kitchen Furniture Designs That You Should Know

Those days are gone when people used to cook a meal in a crowded, isolated kitchen where most space would be allowed for freestanding kitchen furniture. Nowadays, the picture has completely transformed to a spacious, well-designed and fitted kitchens.

Fitted kitchens are one of the latest technologies that are growing and developing at a faster pace. The only option for the people who need to redesign their kitchen and give it a modern look is a fitted kitchen.

From a whole plethora of advantages of fitted kitchen furniture, here are some that can save you from cooking in dark, chaotic kitchen:


Have you ever wondered why your kitchen is cluttered? Why does the fridge come in between while opening your kitchen’s door? Well, all these questions usually strike your mind but while cooking, you often forget or neglect. The right time to rethink about them is when you are planning to get your kitchen remodelled.

With fitted kitchen, you are able to work without any difficulty. All the appliances and products are kept at their desired place. Now, people go for fitted fridge and even fitted ovens as they do not occupy space and you can prepare new food items with ease.

Enhanced Build Quality

Whenever you talk of quality, one thing that comes to your mind is money as today, high quality means more money. Designing and modelling a kitchen takes loads of skills. To save a headache in the long run while choosing right appliances and worktops, calling a professional in the solution. By explaining your expectations and desires regarding fitted kitchen, these professionals will be able to give their expert advice and put in their best to give optimum results. You can choose the material, hardware items and much more to enhance the quality of your fitted kitchen.

Aesthetic Style and Appeal

In earlier days, the look and appeal of the kitchen didn’t matter that much to the people as they had one thing in mind- “kitchen is only a place to cook”. The scenario has completely changed in today’s world. Different colored granite worktop, modern taps and faucets, wooden cabinets and glass slap can never give you the desired effect. A fitted kitchen is meant to fulfil your style desires and that too with an aesthetic appeal. Every part and every corner complement each other while making it a functional kitchen.

Increased Functionality

If you are one of those who wishes to own a kitchen where everything is kept at their place and all the cabinets and drawers are sliding, fitted kitchen furniture designs are made for you. Here, you can perform other tasks as well while cooking and preparing meals for your family. Before getting a plan designed, you will have to consider a fact that kitchen is not a place where you are only going to cook. Make sure that every corner speaks of your desire of fully functional kitchen.

So, here are some advantages of the fitted kitchen that you should consider before even thinking of modelling your kitchen. Get some expert advice for kitchens designs ideas by contacting professionals and get a dream kitchen.

UK Market for Kitchen Furniture

After the poor performance of the domestic furniture industry in 1999, results in the following years up to 2004 showed healthy improvements. Total sales increased by almost 5% (or £210m) in 2002, with producer prices being fairly static or even declining within certain sectors. Sales in 2003 have grown by 4.1% (or £190m) and by about 3.0% in 2004, before declining by 2.6% in 2005, the first fall in the market for many years. Estimates show that sales reached £4990m in 2006, an increase of £120m or 2.5%.

As far as kitchen furniture is concerned there have been modest increases in both volume and value terms in the period since 1999, even increasing sales in 2005 against the trend for domestic furniture generally. Nevertheless, competition has remained fierce throughout the industry, and several companies have gone into receivership.

Total sales of kitchen furniture reached £1155m in 2006, compared to £1100m in 2005 and £1070m in 2004; this product group currently accounts for 23% of the total domestic furniture market.

In volume terms the total number of fitted kitchen furniture installations has increased slowly in recent years, reaching 1,050,000 units in 2006, compared to 1,023,000 units in 2005 and 974,000 units in 2004. Sales of built-in units, mainly base and sink units, moved from £520m in 2004 to £560m in 2006, whilst sales of storage furniture, mainly wall units increased from £465m to £505m in the same period.

The emphasis within the furniture industry has moved consistently from manufacturing to retailing over the last decade, although within the kitchen furniture sector, companies such as MFI (Hygena and Schreiber), Magnet, Moben, Smallbone and so on have combined both functions.

The established major kitchen furniture manufacturers are accounting for a growing share of the market. Despite this there have been new manufacturers and retail groups keen to enter the market, a fact which only serves to fuel the competitive nature of the market.

Kitchen specialist stores account for 19% of the total market in volume terms, but 42% of the market in value terms, with independent specialists claiming 14% in volume terms and 35% in value terms. Builders’ and plumbers’ merchants have a 23% share in volume terms, but a reduced 16% in value terms. DIY outlets account for 22% of sales volume, but 13% of sales value, whilst the direct contract sector accounts for 17% of volume sales and 13% of sales value.

The private sector of the market accounts for the majority of sales of kitchen furniture with 92% of the total market in value terms. Existing dwellings in the private sector continue to provide the main source of demand with 73% of the total market, with the new build sector accounting for 19% of the total.

Imports of kitchen furniture totalled £115.1m in 2006, compared to £106.3m in 2005 and £92.8m in 2004. The penetration rate for such products within the UK market is currently 10.0% in value terms. Alno (UK) Ltd dominates this sector of the market.

Total sales of kitchen furniture are expected to reach £1175m in 2007 and £1215m in 2008, compared to the level of £1155m achieved in 2006. This product group will account for around 23% of the total domestic furniture market in value terms during the period under review. Total kitchen furniture installations are expected to reach 1,055,000 units in 2007 and 1,075,000 units in 2008; this compares with the level of 1,050,000 units achieved in 2006.